New Paradigm Imagery

Ancestral libations from the first study group of the Pan-African Liberation Susu. May 2020.

Ujamaa Works and the Cherry Hill Food Co-op collaborate on black land and food sovereignty in south Baltimore. Read the report. Visit the website. Artwork (center) by Seshat's Brush.

Black cooperative movement organizer, Ella Baker

Joseph Cureton of Obran Cooperative working with a CPA from Ujamaa Works to challenge extractive economics in the staffing industry and develop solutions. 2018.

"We unwittingly stand at the crossroads - should we go the way of capitalism and try to become individually rich as capitalists, or should we go the way of cooperatives and economic cooperation where we and our whole community could be rich together?"

-WEB du Bois, 1907

From Albert Einstein's essay, "Why Socialism?". May 1949.

Essays and speeches by the anti-colonial President of Tanzania. 1968.

A letter from Dr. Martin King to his life partner, Coretta Scott King. July 1952.

Iya Oyadara Osuntola honoring her ancestors with batik egungun eardangles. By AfroGoddess.

Theories and practices of Cooperation Jackson's initiatives for an anti-racist, solidarity economy. 2017.

Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard's book on the history of African-American economic cooperation. 2014.

Principles of the International Cooperative Alliance

Ujamaa Works member demonstrating against child separations and youth detention centers at the San Diego-Tijuana border. July 2019.