Cherry Hill Food Coop Readiness Report

Cherry Hill Food Coop Readiness Report

by Eric Jackson

April 2019 / 6319 AFK

The Black Yield Institute is a Pan-African power organization for black land and food sovereignty. The organization's founder, Eric Jackson, MSW is social worker, community organizer, adjunct professor, documentary filmmaker and native of Cherry Hill, a primarily black, low wealth community in south Baltimore, where food apartheid has been a serious issue for several years. (Food apartheid is a product of deliberate urban planning, often described by the euphemistic term, "food deserts".) In 2017, he mobilized other engaged Baltimore residents, including a member of the Ujamaa Works Accounting & Finance Network, to carry out the Cherry Hill Food Coop initiative, a plan for a food distribution cooperative that is owned and controlled by members of the Cherry Hill community. Eric published this detailed Readiness Report on the history and near future of black power, creativity, food apartheid and food sovereignty in Cherry Hill.

If the document does not appear below, then please access the Readiness Report here.

Cherry Hill Food Co-op Readiness Report-FINAL.pdf