PPP & EIDL Financing For Black Businesses During COVID-19

PPP & EIDL Financing for Black Businesses During COVID-19

November 10, 2020 / 6320 AFK

Please join the Ujamaa Works Accounting & Finance Network this Saturday, November 14 at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern. We're talking about COVID-19 Financing Options for Black Businesses.

  • Raising awareness about COVID-19 emergency business resources among black businesses

  • Successfully accessing business resources

  • Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness

  • Potentially securing PPP financing in the future

  • Securing Emergency Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL), 30-year, low interest financing

  • How black entrepreneurs develop black power through politicized, cooperative enterprise

Alex Franks is an experienced CPA and a member of the Ujamaa Works network. In addition to being a father and husband, Alex spent several years at a prestigious accounting firm, working with large corporations and high net worth individuals while maintaining his passion for working with small businesses, sole proprietors and investment clubs. Alex is also a board member of the Maryland Book Bank.

Alex Franks, CPA

On November 14th, Alex will explain how your business can access emergency financing, whether or not you have employees. Please invite a black business owner to participate and register on Eventbrite:

COVID-19 Financing Options for Black Businesses

Saturday November 14, 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern

Taji Amani will facilitate the second part of the seminar, during which we will broaden the conversation to a bird’s eye’s view of black wealth and health in the context of US capitalism. Taji will share insights from his work in cooperative enterprise, micro finance, independent electoral politics and from his study of international political economy.

Taji Amani, Business Advisor

We'll define capitalism and critically analyze whether or not black entrepreneurs can reasonably expect this economic arrangement to enable most black people to consistently meet our essential, human needs. We'll talk about ways of organizing our commerce that might expand democracy, black power and people power, because our lives depend on it.

For information about COVID-19 resources ASAP, visit this page. For a preview of our discussion about black business and black power read, “Black Business’ Role in Breaking the Cycle of Racism, Outrage & Reform”.