Members of the network are professionals and students of finance and accounting who are unified by our common aspirations. Members educate ourselves and each other about skills, resources and visions that are required for financial management of cooperative and solidarity enterprises in black and indigenous communities.

Professional members work in financial services like accounting, bookkeeping, finance, investment management, management consulting and related fields.

Student members study accounting, finance, economics and related subjects. Student members may be in online classes, self-education, open enrollment classes, community college programs and university degree programs in accounting or finance.


Learn skills from experts in cooperative accounting and finance.

Connect with a small network of professionals and students in accounting and finance with common values and interests.

Client referrals from fellow members

Collaborate on work and share skills with other members.

Participate in political education around our common aspirations.


Currently, financial dues are not a membership requirement.

Decide if our common aspirations align with your personal values.

Complete an interview.

Participate in political education and cooperative finance education.

Members who do not identify as black or indigenous are welcome. They are expected to be involved in (paid or unpaid) work against anti-black racism or anti-indigenous racism that is directed by black or indigenous people.

Please send inquiries to